Things I did

My school break is officially OVER and, like every other year of my life, I wasted it.  I did make a 'to-do' list to guide me along, and here's how I did:

1)  Join a gym, or at least do a trial week.  Did it, with a love/hate relationship.  It's a little too pricy for me to continue, though, and I think I'd be too lazy to make it worth it.   

2) Get a haircut.  Check!  I went to the Salon just down the hill from us and, through a friend's recommendation, had my hair cut by "Joe".  He was fantastic!  One thing I never really thought of before is that because Malaysia is so ethnically diverse, they have to learn how to cut ALL types of hair.  No more worries that they wouldn't know how to deal with my Western hair.  My hair was cut above my shoulders and I am loving it.  It's so much cooler, dries so much faster, and is so much easier to wash!  
3) Go to the dentist.  The only one on my list that I didn't even try for.  Reuben did manage to get there, though, to have a tooth pulled.  
4) Do an online course through Reading Rockets that covers strategies to teach reading.  Did it, and it was super helpful!  Who knew learning how to read was so complex?  I also started making my way through the Revive our Hearts podcast series.  
5) Get my Long Term Social Visit Pass.  Started, but not finished it.  We went all the way to the state immigration office on the mainland only for them to give us a form that needs to be stamped by a commissioner of oath and a security bond.  That means going back to the island to the court house and to the income tax offices.  We managed to get all of that done, but we have to go back to the first office to actually file.  This is the thing I hate about Malaysia; anything having to do with paperwork is super inefficient!  We'll have to do all of that next week, probably, since my visa is expiring on July 4.  

6) Watch another season of 24.  We finished the last half of season three, and started season 4.  To be honest, I'm getting really sick of Jack Bauer.  Can't he just have a day off or at least stop for a cup of tea?  We also bought a few movies and the first season of Monk. 

Some other things we did:
-Saw the Avengers
-Planted ginger and preparing a pineapple crown to plant
-Started using the stationary bike in our gym.  I guess I'd better try biking if I'm going to do this triathlon in a few weeks.  I'm regretting leaving my bike shorts back in WA!  
-Finished reading through the Bible!  Reuben and I started back in 2010 shortly after we got married and it's taken us this long to make it through the OT and Revelations (we did the NT first).  I'm now starting a topical study on the Prov 31 woman.  
-Made pineapple jam

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