How to grow a pineapple

I just discovered (silly me!) that you can grow a pineapple from its crown.  It takes upwards of two years to grow so we'd not likely see any actual fruit come out of it, but I wanted to see for myself if it would work.  There's lots of tips and tricks of how to grow one from the internet.  Within a few weeks of soaking the crowns in water, I have shoots (even though it's just a few)!

Roots: those tiny white fingers coming out of the base of the crown

The leaves on the crown are growing fast, but I don't think I'll put them in soil until they get their roots get more established, which could be another month or two at this rate.  

In other gardening nows, I also tried my hand at growing ginger!  It was as simple as buying some extra ginger at the market, soaking it in hot water for 8 hours, then planting it.  It took about 2 weeks to sprout.  I planted two kinds: one from Thailand (I think) and a smaller Malaysian variety.  I'm excited to see what the plant will grow into!


  1. So I'm obsessed with ginger and eat it everyday. I must ask, do you have to keep replacing the hot water continually over the 8 hours??

  2. I replaced the water a few times (hot, but not boiling). I think the reason was because growers spray the ginger with some anti-growth stuff to keep it from sprouting. The hot water is supposed to de-activate that.


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