The kitten

Reuben brought home a week-old kitten on Sunday.  He found it abandoned and being eaten by fire ants.  Total sob story.  He went to the vet and they wouldn't do anything and called the local SPCA to find out they put to sleep any kittens they receive under 2 months.  There's no animal shelter here in Penang.  So we stuck it in a shoebox (a laundry basket later became its home) and started feeding it milk with a syringe every few hours.

We're not allowed to have pets in our building.  This kitten may be small, but it's very loud!  We had to close all the doors and windows to make sure we wouldn't get complaints from the neighbors.  Luckily the kitten had the good sense to sleep all the way through the night.  

Reuben just happened to go to the State Veterinary Department this week to fill out some paperwork for a friend who is bringing a dog from the states.  He found a staff person there who was willing to adopt it.  On friday, kitty went to her new home.  In fact, the woman who adopted her said she was a "good luck cat" because of its coloring and white/black face.  Hooray!

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