SP Half Marathon

Reuben and I ran a half marathon last weekend.  It was a small, local race.  I had to get special permission to register to run, because I wasn't Malaysian.  They didn't want a bunch of foreigners coming in (a.k.a. the Kenyans) to win all the prize money.  But they didn't have anything to worry about me, of course.  But run I did.  The race began ridiculously late - almost 7am (once the sun comes out, you're a goner in this heat!).  We do most of our long runs starting at 5-something in the morning so we can be mostly finished before dawn.  Luckily, it was a perfectly overcast day and wasn't too bad.  Unluckily, they only had 2 water stations during the race and one in the last kilometer ("water stations" - two were carbonated beverages - Malaysians love their isotonic drinks!) Luckily, I packed my own water!

I ended up running a PR and making 6th place (womens)!  I won 100rm ($33USD).  I was happy and shocked.  My time, although great for me, was nowhere near competitive in any other normal race.  I have other fellow runner friends here who would have blown me out of the water.  Had it been in the US, I probably would have placed 400 out of 500.  But nobody else has to know that.

There's my name!
I won just enough to pay for the race registration fees

And now that I have reached the height of my competitive prowess (ha)  I need to take a break.  I've been developing a case of achilles tendonitis in both legs since the beginning of the summer.  For now I'm going to be doing lots of icing every day, but also looking into seeing a sports doctor or acupuncturist.  And lots of cross training and less running.  Today I did the stationary bike for 30 min and swam for 30 minutes.  2/3 of a triathlon!
My next event is the Run/Bike/Run Powerman in PutraJaya (October), and the Penang Bridge Half Marathon at the end of November.  NO chance of placing there.

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