We did some serious gardening on our balcony yesterday.  Our 'garden' was looking pretty sad and we haven't exactly been the best plant owners considering that the only thing we really need to remember is to water and yet we can't seem to....   We bought some of our bigger plants from someone who was moving away just as we were moving here, another friend graciously gave us a few, a few we've grown ourselves, and some we have purchased at a local nursery.  


After.  Notice the kitten in the pineapple plant.
At one point we had Rock Melons growing.  They grew to about the size of a golf ball before they ripened.  All 2 bites of them were delicious!
Baby Rock Melons.  Tastes pretty much like a cantaloupe.

Planting ginger
 The plant that I'm the most excited about at the moment is the pineapple.  We grew it from a pineapple crown.  Super easy!  One plant = one pineapple.  I hope it produces a fruit before we leave or I will be crushed.
Who can resist a kitten in a pineapple plant.

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