Kitty day

I brought my camera to the market this morning to capture something worthy of a blog post.  Maybe the campaign flags? The egg lady or the tofu man, perhaps?  Note: this is what I call them because I don't know their names but I see them all the time.  But most people who live here would know to whom I am referring when I say the "egg lady"....there IS more than one egg vendor at the market but there's no comparison for THE egg lady.

Anyways. I was minding my own business and checking out the spinach when I discover this poor kitty tripping over my feet.
Poor Kitty
There's nothing worse than finding a little tiny ball of fluff like this at the market, because it means someone abandoned it and it no longer has a mother.  Nor is it old enough to eat solid food.  So I pick it up and think, what can I feed it?  I wouldn't know what to feed a cat (dry cat food?) except that Reuben just adopted a litter of kittens down by our pool and is now feeding them twice a day.  I now know that cats eat fresh fish and eggs.  Funny, five minutes before my encounter with this kitty I had just bought fish (for said kitties) and eggs (those are partly for myself, partly for kitties.  We give them the egg yolks.  These kitties will have high cholesterol).  I didn't think this little thing would eat fish but I decided to try an egg.  So I found an empty corner, cracked an egg on the floor and put the kitten in front of it.  Apparently it didn't take that for food because it ended up walking all over it.  Now I had a hungry, mewing kitty covered in raw egg whites.  Anyway, I called Reuben to ask what to do (mistake #1).  He tells me to ask the coconut lady (again, if you live here you know exactly who I am talking about) if she would be willing to take it, because she is Malay and everybody knows that Malays love cats.  Reuben sometimes leaves his mom's cats in a kampung (local word for Malay village) because he knows that they will take care of them.  Nobody around the coconuts wanted it.

What would YOU do? 
Now, at this point you have to know that Reuben is a total animal lover and has taken in poor, sickly animals his whole life to nurse them back to health.  Mostly cats and dogs, but even birds and a hamster (who throws a hamster in the trash?) on one occasion.  I, on the other hand, grew up with (for the most part) nice pets including dogs, cats, and birds.  I like "pets" but I detest stray dogs and cats here in Malaysia.  They are wild, mangy, and out of control.  I do not like them.

You also have to know that compassion has never been one of my strong points.  But lately I have been praying for God to give me more compassion and have been reading about how much Jesus had for the crowds that followed wherever he went.  Just so you know, God, I meant that I wanted compassion for people (God works in comical ways sometimes!) This little kitty just broke my heart.  After wandering around the market holding out this kitten asking everyone "Do you want to take this home?" I put it in my car and took it home.

Buckle up!
Into the laundry basket it went.  Dejavu to a year ago, when Reuben rescued another little abandoned kitten that eventually got adopted.  He fed it milk with a syringe.  I am now feeding this kitten with a straw.  Anybody want a kitten?

Who wants me???

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