Penang Int'l Tri

I love Easter.  It has grown to be one of my favourite holidays.  We spent Easter this year doing the Penang Int'l Triathlon.  What a better way to celebrate the resurrection than by watching a beautiful sunrise and some hardcore sweating.  I had just finished the Lake Kenyir Triathlon 3 weeks prior, and I felt better than ever.  I knew the course and felt very well prepared.  I had trained like never before (I even had a swim coach!).   Unlike Lake Kenyir, I wasn't in this one to compete, however, just to try my best and honour God with all that my body could do.  

So I swam (the swim area was enclosed by a giant jellyfish net)

The swim for an Olympic distance Triathlon is 1.5km
 And I cycled.

40km cycle route from Teluk Bahang to Balik Pulau and some serious hills
 And ran.
10km run (and no, I did not win)

Reuben was there racing too, but he did the Duathlon: 5km run, 40km cycle, 10km run (he must have been scared of the jellyfishes)

It was a great event.  I didn't care about the timing, but I ended up finishing in under three hours, which I was a nice surprise!  I even finished before Reuben :)

Up next, Port Dickson Triathlon in July!

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