We had Reuben's belated birthday / pre-4th of July celebration yesterday.  We had about 30 of our friends here.  We have many American friends here, but the party was also represented by (not in any particular order) South Africans, Malaysians, U.K., Canada, Kenya, Mexico, and Nepal.  Our Libyan friend Anas, a master at the BBQ, graciously offered to manage the grill.  His chicken marinade + slow cooking to perfection = amazing.

Stars and stripes
Nothing more American than apple pie (and s'mores)!
I had my family bring me back a few packs of Pop Rocks (remember those?) with Firecracker Cookies in mind.  I learned that they lose their pop-ability very quickly in humid climates. Noted!

 I also found a recipe for a s'mores ball,  What's not to love about cake mix, butter, cream cheese, and marshmallows?  We can't get graham crackers here, buy Digestive biscuits are just as good. 

I didn't really get any good photos, what a shame.  But there was lots of potato salad, cole-slaw, hamburgers, and country music to go around.  Fun times!  We're so thankful for our friends, who are our family, here in Penang.

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