Cripple me

Four weeks ago yesterday I fell off my bike (ok...more like "tipped over") and broke my foot.  I didn't know I had broken my foot until two weeks later when I finally went to the doctor.  Oops! Now I know that I have a fairly high pain threshold.  The doctor told me no running or biking, and come back 2 weeks later.  This is my latest x-ray, which I had done two days ago.  The doctor said that the bones are moving and not healing back normally.  If I go back to running (not now, hopefully in a month or so) I might start experiencing some pain where the bone has shifted.  Possibly surgery down the road.  

This was not the news I was expecting to hear.  I thought my foot was healing brilliantly and I don't have any pain when I walk anymore.  Up to this point I have been managing it very well, doing some pool running and more weight training.  Missing running, but certainly not as much as thought I would.  I have to admit that I'm pretty disappointed now that I can't jump right back into things like I was expecting to (I had signed up for a bike race June 23 (today, actually) and I have a triathlon on July 7), but I've learned some important lessons on the way.  Physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things!  (1 Timothy 4:8)

I'm sharing with you a song is hilariously appropriate for me right now.  It's not a hilarious kind of song, but I've been soaking in the meaning of its lyrics for quite some time, even before the foot break.  My Father has a sense of humor.  Cripple me, Lord.

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