Laughter = medicine

Thursday is probably my favorite day of the week.  This time of year, I don't work on Fridays so it marks the official the end of a long week for me.  I get home around 1pm, normally crash for a long nap, have a swim, then tea time and then on to dinner.  One of the local channels here aired (used to...it was moved to Saturdays recently) a TV show called Just for Laughs.  It's a Canadian (filmed in Quebec, though they have a Singapore edition also which was equally if not even funnier) gag show where they play tricks on innocent strangers.  Almost every week I end up laughing until I cry.  I never used to be a cry-laugher until I moved to Malaysia.  I think after a long week, a good laugh is exactly what I need to decompress and relieve some stress.  Silly as it sounds, I have found the most hilarious clips to be about animals.   

I have to share with you what is my favorite clip ever.  It gets me every time.  Every time.  The cast of characters includes a chihuahua and a carnivorous plant.  You must watch it, and it is only 1 minute long, so you have no excuse not to.

(P.S. you can watch short clips of Just for Laughs on Youtube here). 

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