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If you are reading this, then you probably already know the news: we're (ok, myself specifically) pregnant!  I'm already into that second trimester, whom some of my friends have called the "honeymoon phase".  There is a slight improvement from the first trimester,  but only a little due to the fact that I really didn't experience many negative symptoms except being incredibly tired all the time.  Being tired resulted in the following: trouble focusing, general laziness, and trying to avoid cooking and doing the dishes at all costs.  If the "honeymoon stage" second trimester means I am less tired and therefore have to do more cooking and dishes, then that is not my idea of a honeymoon.

Anyway, for your curiosity alone I am posting pictures of myself.  I generally do not post pictures of myself unless I am doing something awesome, like having a party, being with someone I love, or competing in a race.  But I think that growing a human inside my body qualifies as "awesome" so here goes:

7 weeks.  Can you tell how tired I am?
11 or 12 weeks (I can't remember)
16 weeks

 My sister sent me some bump stickers in the mail (thanks!) so now I have to continue taking pictures.  Hopefully I will update them here!

On the bright side, since I am less tired I have been able to exercise more.  I've turned into a weekend warrior because I normally don't have to energy to work and work-out all in the same day.  Waking up early for a bike ride necessitates a nap before lunch (and perhaps one in the afternoon).  I've been run/walking, cycling, swimming, and doing some light weights.  It sounds like a lot (I'm tired just typing that!), but I'm trying to do each of those things just once a week (key word: trying).

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