Last day of LifeBridge

Yesterday was my very last day of work at LifeBridge.

I have been reading through the Jesus Storybook Bible with my classes since August or so (one of my fav books ever, check it out!) .  It worked out perfectly that on the last day, we read the last story. We've had lots of great discussions about differences between the Koran and the Bible, who Jesus is (Muslims don't believe he actually died, that he snuck down from the cross), and how Jesus can live in their hearts.

The most inquisitive girl (her name is Aishah, she is on the very left of the picture below) said that she went home and told her mother the stories every day.  The last story was about John's vision of heaven and she said "Teacher, this is good!  I want to go there!" One of the last things she said to me was "I like Jesus.  No, I love Jesus!"  And although not everyone responded like her (there were others who would fall asleep every time)  I pray that Jesus would make himself known to them.  How awesome would it be to see some of their sweet faces in heaven :)

I was teaching phonics to year 1 and we ended by making an alphabet wall.  At least I know they know their ABC's!  

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