37 weeks

37 weeks, seriously?  Full term, baby!

Estimated readiness: I have to-do lists a mile long.  Because I HAVE to buy envelopes immediately, the baby could come any day now and I'll never get to the store again.  I'm prepping baby announcements (although name is still TBD) but have no crib yet.  Baby has nowhere to lay his head.  But he has diapers to last the first few weeks, at least!   I'm trying to get as much paperwork filled out ahead of time to apply for the Consular Report of Birth Abroad (to make the baby a U.S. citizen).  I had to find a shoe-repair man (tailors won't touch it) to fix my brand new diaper bag because the strap fell off the first time I used it, flying back to Malaysia.  I have cloth diapers to wash and prep.  My stocking-up trip to Ikea was thwarted by my not being able to travel last week to KL.  I met with my doula, and have my suitcase almost packed.  My ipod playlist is almost ready.  We saw the delivery room last week.

Baby report: Estimated to be 6 pounds-something.  Has a sharp nose and hair, according to the dr. and last week's ultrasound.

Health: Still great, although super tired again.  As in, going for a walk in the morning, home for breakfast, then sleeping again until lunch.  Good thing I get to choose my work days (we'll see how I feel after I teach preschool tomorrow, ugh.)  I got food poisoning last week that set me back a couple of pounds and that was not fun at all.

And on that wonderful not, that's all for now!

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