Diapers and nurses

Having way too much fun with my chalkboard fabric
We bought (and were given) a couple of packs of disposable diapers.   Everyone recommends using them for the first few weeks or months of having a baby.  We have been going through a lot of diapers and I really don't want to have to go out and buy anymore.  Plus I'm super excited to try out our new cloth diapers!  We have 8 Bum Genius 4.0 and 8 Grovia hybrid diapers.  I received the Bum Genius diapers from my baby shower in WA and I was given the Grovia diapers second hand (I bought new inserts) by a friend-of-a-friend here in Penang.  I got into the stash this morning and decided to give it a whirl...and they fit!  They obviously are gigantic on him, but the elastic around the waist and the legs is snug enough so (hopefully )they won't leak.  It's adorable.  He's only gone through three of them (no leaks as of yet!) so I can't give any opinion on them at the moment.   We certainly don't have enough diapers to get by with just cloth at the moment, so we'll be using both cloth and disposable.  Now we have to figure out the whole diaper-washing thing.  I ordered Rockin' Green diaper detergent from a local supplier in KL.  Reuben is out right now buying a new drying rack for our balcony.  We have been doing an incredible amount of laundry, even without diapers and clothes.  I cannot believe how many blankets and burp rags and sheets we are going through.  Luckily we have lots of everything.

We have government nurses coming by the apartment every day.  It's a public service for everyone, even non-Malaysians like me (although Ellis is eligible for free health care here in Malaysia because of Reuben).  They take Ellis's temperature and check for jaundice, and they take my blood pressure and temperature as well. We usually get new nurses every day but the two that came today we've seen before.  Today they were absolutely in awe of our swaddling blankets and how big they were ("Where did you get them?  Do you have any extra?  I want to buy it.") and in the cloth diapers ("How much did you pay?  Where can I buy them?")

The weigh-in

Ellis weighed in at 4kg, or 8.8 pounds.  That's half a pound gain since his birth (I don't recall hearing what his weight was when we left the hospital).  Which means he's feeding well, thank goodness!  

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