One week

And what a week it's been!  Since we came home from the hospital on Saturday, exactly 48 hours after he was born, I haven't stepped foot outside our apartment.  And I am more than content to be homebound.  Most of the time has been spent sitting in the rocking chair or lying in bed (note that I did not say I am 'rested') .  I couldn't be happier :)

Reuben has also been a hands-on dad doing lots of burping, changing diapers, and staying up at night with Ellis.

And in the midst of it all he is keeping up his running, cycling, and gym.  He has a race this Sunday.

In the U.S. they suggest bathing a baby only once or twice a week.  They certainly do not have to deal with this climate!  Poor Ellis gets so sweaty (we are running our AC more that we ever have!) that he needs a bath (at least) once a day.

And he sleeps.  A lot.  

Look at that stork bite!  Just like mine was :)

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