Today was my first time to our Malaysian Ikea.  Now I remember why I hardly ever go there.  Because after every visit I promise myself that I'll never go again.  Ikea is a tiring experience, no matter where in the world you are.

Nursing in my comfortable living room.  I prefer to leave the price tags on all my furniture.
Not a poisonous mushroom

It took us about an hour to find the place, thanks to the inefficiency of Google Maps (or it might just be KL).  Both of us were exhausted by the end (Ellis slept the whole time), and we still had to drive from KL to Penang that afternoon (it took about 6 hours...we made lots of stops).  We only came home with a few things from the store; we were anxious to just get out of the latter half of Ikea, which is where you have to search and find all your chosen items.  We didn't have patience for that.   We did have a yummy lunch, though.

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