We just unpacked our Baby Jogger yesterday and took Ellis for a spin for the first time yesterday.  I'm needing (finally!) to get me some exercise again.  We brought this stroller (here you would say buggy or pram) from the US. It was gifted to us by some of our friends in TN.  
Fortunately, we have a great (relative to the rest of Penang) loop for running/walking that we can use, right outside our building.  We've been walking here for years, in the mornings and we have made a habit of walking a loop every evening after dinner.  It's on a hill so you're either going up or down, so it's a good work out.  

It's a Baby Jogger City Mini GT.

He liked it for awhile.  We made one loop before heading back, which is just under a mile.  One step at a time!
We had to stop every two minutes for all the Chinese aunties and uncles to admire him.  I see the same people out here every morning so we all know each other, some just by face and others more.   I did a lot of walking when I was pregnant and then I disappeared for awhile, so they were happy to see me back with a baby.

The road.  It's all jungle to the right.  We sometimes see monkeys.

Reuben joined us for a bit, too.  
I'm excited about the stroller because it will allow me to get for exercise much more frequently.  I'll start with walks for now but I plan on starting to run again soon.  We can't wait to share our active lifestyle with Ellis!

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