Having a baby does things to you.  Besides the fact that I now know that my brain shrank 6%, here are some other side effects of motherhood:

-I eat most of my meals from the counter.  No more of that proper sitting-down stuff.  And I eat really fast. Really fast.

-I've acquired a new skill: picking objects up with my feet.  It's either that or just leaving things on the floor to pick up later.

-Hypersensitivity to sound.  That creak in the door is a big deal.  

-I'm a singer/song-writer/storyteller.

-I obsessively place water bottles and burp-rags all over the house.  Because if I end up sitting down in a spot without them, it could be a long time before I can reach one again.  I also need things on both sides of where I am sitting.  When I'm nursing on the left, everything on the left becomes unreachable.  So close, yet so far away!

-I speak in third person.  And I speak to Reuben through Ellis.  Example sentence within earshot of Reuben: "Daddy needs to take out the trash!"

-Traffic control: I waved and shouted at a car to slow down yesterday.   Because I've become that person.

-Retrofitter: I've fixed reflective tape on all four sides of Ellis's stroller.  That car yesterday made me do it.

-I sleep whenever I can.  I had plenty of people advising me to 'sleep when the baby sleeps' and now that Reuben is gone and it's just Ellis and I for ten days, it's really happening.

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