One of my dreams came true last week.  A sewing machine in Malaysia!  Not that they don't have them here, but I've never had access to one.  I borrowed it from a friend of mine.   I've come across so many that's-so-cute-but-I-can't-sew-it projects....now I can!  My first project for Ellis was a set of alphabet letters.  I roughly used this tutorial.  I was originally going to put magnets inside, but then I read an article about what terrible things happen when children swallow magnets and I'm going right now to throw out all the magnets we own.

The project seemed like it was going to be lot of work, but it really wasn't that bad.  I have a lot of Ellis-is-sleeping-and-I-need-something-to-do-with-my-hands time.  Before baby, it would have been an afternoon project.  Post-child, it took me three days.

I sewed right over the letter template and was able to rip the paper right off - easy!  I stuffed it with polyfill, sewed the opening shut, and trimmed it with with pinking shears.  
My back hurts just looking at this picture
 I'm happy with how it turned out.  I'm going to make a matching set of capital letters, but I'm going to make it easier by not stuffing them (that part took the longest) but adding an extra layer of felt in the middle.

The back is a solid felt colour so that Ellis will know which way is up.  

I doubled the L letter so that Ellis could spell his name.

Baby approved

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