We had Ellis dedicated at our church last sunday.  By presenting him before the church we acknowledge that he is a gift from God and therefore dedicate Ellis back to Him.  Our pastor asked us the following:  Knowing that Ellis Lee is a gift from the Lord, will you love him and serve him?  Will you take the time to build into his life?  Will you show him what it is to be a follower of the Lord Jesus?  Will you pray for him and with him and teach him God's word?  Will you keep him involved in a church family?  Will you do all that you can to bring him to the place where he will confess his faith in the Lord Jesus?  In case you are wondering, we said yes to all.

Someone has stage-fright issues to work through.
Ellis Lee Israel, 
We dedicate you to God 
in the name of the Father 
and the Son and the Holy Spirit.  
Heavenly Father, 
may Ellis have your wisdom in his mind, 
his eyes see your glory,
his ears hear your voice,
his mouth tell your truth,
his heart be your home, 
his hands do your work,
his feet follow wherever you lead, 
and his knees only bow before you
his loving Lord and God.  

This is Penang International Church.  It has been such an important part of our lives here and we love the community.
The church shrinks by half during the summer, it's normally much more full than this particular sunday!  

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