We live in a Muslim country that practices the annual fasting period of Ramadan, and one of the perks of this is fantastic food.  Muslims break their fast at sunset, which is around 7:30pm.  At around four in the afternoon every day, bazaars and food stalls pop up along tiny street lanes and on the side of the road.  Much of the food is unique to this time, much like we have special foods for the Christmas season.  We stopped by a bazaar near our house on the way home from the store yesterday to pick up some dinner.  

This is where our dinner came from.  The trays are full of different types of meats and curries.
Ellis snacked on a strap

You pick what you want, he serves it up on a plate and wraps it up in plastic and newspaper

Fresh sugar cane juice

Dinner!  It's tomato rice with lamb and chicken.  And no, we did not wait till sunset.

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