Time for another craft-astic update.  Baby bean bag!  I followed the tutorial here.  There's a second bag inside that contains all the bean bag filling, which I was able to find easily here, and didn't have to make any special trips to any special stores.  Score!  The outer (striped) bag is secured with velcro on the bag, so it is extra baby proof (I hope, because once those styrofoam beans get out they are everywhere!!) and it's removable/washable.  I chose not to put a buckle harness in, because I want him to be able to use it as a chair when he gets older and more mobile, too.  I'll just have to watch him for now to make sure he doesn't roll out of it.

Which reminds me, Ellis rolled over (2x in a row!) this week!    I'm pretty sure it was by accident, and mostly because the surface he was laying on was slightly slanted to one side.  But still!

I love it!  And Ellis likes the squishy sounds it makes when he kicks his feet.  

A side note, I canNOT get a picture these days without his fists in his face.  

That big bulge in his shirt is where Dad stuffed a toy up there.  Safe keeping?

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