A friend of our graciously gave us their infant carseat they were done with.  We knew that we would have to find something else eventually.  I know it's just me being fussy, but I'm kind of obsessive about car seats.  They sell carseats in Malaysia of course,although the vast majority of people do not use them because it's not mandated by law.  You have no idea how many kids I've seen standing with their heads out of sunroofs and babies chilling on the driver's laps.  Don't get me started on babies/kids on motorbikes with no head protection!

Anyway, yes, they sell carseats here but they are mostly brands that I am not familiar with.  Did you know Ferrari made car seats?  None of them come with Consumer Reports ratings, which was all I would basically look at.  They are also very expensive here.  All that being said, we ended up ordering our car seat from Costco.com.  Yes, it was the top rated convertible car seat in Consumer Reports.  My parents brought it over when they came in May.  I didn't see it in person until it arrived.  It is a mammoth of a car seat!  I call it the fortress.  It'll last Ellis a long, long time - up to 110lb, according to the manual.   Or, I could lose 15 pounds and sit in it too!   

It's so big that it wouldn't fit behind the driver's seat (with the front seat back enough for Reuben to drive in), and the rear seatbelt on the other side wasn't working so we had to wait to get that fixed before we could install the seat.  We just got it in yesterday, and Ellis took his first spin in it this morning on his ride to church.  I think he was pretty impressed.  

"I feel so safe!"

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