We took Ellis to the local government clinic for his 3 month check-up.  We've been going to a private hospital for everything so far, but our insurance only pays for three well-baby check-ups per year, and even then, only a portion.  Malaysia has social medicine so health-care is free.  There is a clinic just down the hill from us so we decided to give it a try. 

There was a waiting room in back for children and babies.  Some of the nurses that we saw working were the ones that visited us at home during Ellis's first few weeks.

Ellis weighed in at 6.2 kg, or 13.6lbs.  Since birth, he has grown 10cm!  

After he got one vaccine shot, we saw the doctor.  The doctor's desk was in a shared room so there was another patient being seen at the same time.  We then took Ellis to the private "examination room" where he did a short physical exam.

I have to say, the care here was more thorough than at Island Hospital.  Never having any pressing health questions or concerns about Ellis, it seems silly to drive all the way to the hospital and back for the doctor to ask two questions about him and then go home....it takes the whole morning.  We didn't have to wait long here (waiting time maybe 20 minutes tops, for the injection and the doctor and the initial registration). Ellis seemed to like it, because he cried about 30 seconds after his jab and was content after that. 

One cool thing was that they gave Ellis a giant record book (from birth to six years) to keep which they will fill out at every appointment. It includes charts that give the percentiles for height, weight, head circumference, and BMI.  Not only did we not get that at Island Hospital, but they didn't even give us the records of Ellis's stats, so I have no record of his growth in the first two months (besides weight, which I made a point to ask about and remember).

He's right on target in all areas of growth.

  And it cost us nothing!  And even better, no insurance hassles.

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