It was around lunch time today that I realised it's the Fourth of July, Independence Day.  Last year, we made a big deal out of it with a party.  I guess it's not a big deal if you're not even in the country (and when our July 4th is actually July 3rd American-time), although it is a good excuse to get together with American- and other- friends.  Maybe next year.

So I did the only thing that I could do: dig out the stars and stripes.

I told Ellis that this is an important day for his country and Reuben reminded me that this child is more Malaysian right now than American.  The only document he has is a Malaysian birth certificate.  And in case you are wondering, Ellis will be an American citizen.  But as we understand it, he can also hold a Malaysian passport until age 12 (Malaysia doesn't allow dual citizenship after that) so we will also get that.

Yum yum.  Aren't there laws against misusing the American flag? And giving infants pointy sticks?

And we suggested that maybe he could grow up to be a senator or a governor or something, because he can't be president (having not been born on US soil).

Independence-themed tummy-time

So we celebrated the Fourth this year by going to the pool.

I even got in a few laps (first time!), so it practically felt like a vacation.

In true American style (actually, it was not planned that way) we are having burgers for diner.  We may not be as American as apple pie this year (I wish!) but I might dig out a box of coveted girl scout cookies...

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