Ellis is currently going through a sleep regression.  Don't worry if you don't know what that is, I didn't either until I was frantic googling something like "Why won't my baby sleep" on the internet.  Twelve weeks (which he was a week ago) is considered what they (the experts) call a  "wonder week" which I didn't know about before either.  And here I thought my brain had shrunk - see, I'm learning something!

Babies going to sleep seems like a no-brainer.  It isn't.  Sometimes they fight and scream and cry for ages...when all they really need to do is sleep.  It seems counterintuitive.  So, we have been working very hard at getting Ellis to sleep.  Right now he's only napping during the day in the carrier, so I am getting lots and lots of exercise walking around, trying to put him to sleep and trying to keep him asleep.    

I'm tired!
This means lots and lots of trips down to the garden/pool area.  Sometimes he falls asleep by the time we step out of the elevator (on a lucky day!) and sometimes he just needs to relax and enjoy the view for a couple of minutes.  

I've been trying to make this time worthwhile by writing down Scriptures on index cards to take down with me to read.  

One of my favs right now  
And what could be better than a garden (that you don't have to take care of!) full of tropical flowers.

baby hibiscus

And hopefully by the end...... a sleeping baby.

Fortunately, I have been reassured by several veteran moms that this is normal, and that ages three to four months is tough.  Fortunately I have the time (although the energy is starting to wane) for it.

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