I feel like a DIY queen right now and I want to share my latest project.  I've been eyeing some tutorials online for making various kinds of baby wraps.  When I read that one requires knit fabric, I usually sigh and move on.  I don't have any knit fabric on-hand and I haven't checked yet, but I highly doubt our local fabric store (it's called Kamdar) sells it.  I hope I'm wrong!  And it's not like I can just pop in and check, because it's allllll the way downtown.  Not that going downtown is a big deal, but it's the parking!  I hate going there.  It's moments like this that I really miss JoAnn Fabrics.  

Then I happened to stumble upon a knit skirt that was exactly $0 and I thought, what the heck, I'll see what I can do with it.  

It ended up being exactly what I needed.  I think I had about two inches of leftover fabric, total.  What I made was something like a baby K'Tan: "A wrap without the wrapping". I followed this tutorial.


A K'Tan is supposed to have a sash to go around the waist to add more support, but (at least right now) Ellis really doesn't need it (and who wants the extra fabric in this heat!)  This is a fitted wrap, so I measured it to myself and it fits us perfectly.  I am impressed with how comfortable it is and how supportive it is even though it's stretchy (the fabric stretches only one way) - without the sash.  I've been wearing Ellis in it all day and I love it.  It's easy to get him in and out, there's no ties (like my mei tai) and he can't wiggle out of it (like the ring sling these days).

I think he likes it.

Happy baby

I can even use the fabric to support his head while he's sleeping, something that I can't do with my other carriers.

Saturday b-fast

 There you have it, my very own trash to treasure!

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