Four Months

 I can't believe that only four months ago Ellis was in my belly.  In the length that it takes to finish a semester of BIO 101, he's already grown to do and be so much.  I am totally amazed at how fast a little person grows. 


-He usually takes 5 naps a day.  They're normally 40-45 minutes each.  Lately he can only be awake for about an hour before he starts looking sleepy again.  Our "nap-time routine" from beginning to when I can lay him down in the bed takes around half an hour.  It can take upwards of an hour and a half to two hours to get him asleep at night on the bad days.  My life revolves around sleep at the moment....and it's definitely not my sleep  We're working on figuring out his schedule before we can start tweaking it.

-He has started pinching and grabbing my hair. He's developing those fine motor pincher-fingers!

-Everybody always asks if we cut Ellis's hair.  Nope, it just happens to be perfectly trimmed in the front and on the sides as a mohawk.  He has a cute cowlick in the back. 

-He's rolling both ways (from tummy to back and from back to tummy)!  He always surprises me when he rolls because I never see it.  He only does it in the morning when I put him on the bed and turn to brush my teeth or get dressed for the day.  He always looks really happy when he does it.   Which means, we can't leave him unsupervised anymore!

-He had his 4 month check up yesterday.  No shots this month.  He weighed in at exactly 15lb.  

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