I feel like I just weathered a monster storm with Reuben being gone.  It was really hard.  But God provided for me in many ways.  I seriously think I may have eaten manna from heaven at some point because I don't know how I was fed for two whole weeks.   He gave me exactly what I needed even when I didn't know I needed it - food, sleep, cool weather, friends, truth, and baby giggles that make me forget about everything else.   Reuben's back now, I'm eating human food again, and I'm on the up and up.

Reuben and I watched the following short video a few days ago and I feel that it was made for me in this season of my life. The past month has definitely been the hardest since Ellis was born, but like Rob says in the video, I wouldn't trade it for anything.  God has been using this season to prune and refine me, to make me look (just a little) more like Him.  The only thing I know for sure is that I've got a long way to go.  I've seen this video before, but this time it really spoke to my bleary-eyed-sleep-deprived-How-long-is-this-going-to-last?-new-mom heart.   I love the Father heart of God.

  I don't agree with Rob Bell in everything, but he really hit the mark with this video.


"God speaks Himself to us, as mothers speak
to their own babes, upon the tender flesh
with fond familiar touches close and dear -
Because he cannot choose a softer way 
to make us feel that He Himself is near,
and each apart His own Beloved and known."
-Ugo Bassi

"As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you."
Isaiah 66:13

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