One of the first friends I made when I moved to Penang in 2008 was an Indian family who ran a restaurant just down the hill from where I lived.  His name is Raja and his wife's name is Mathi.  I never say Mathi's name because a slight mispronunciation will be calling her the Tamil word for death- and that's just one example of the many probable cultural blunders they have forgiven me of.  Anyway, they taught me a lot about Indian life in Malaysia.  They invited me to see their daughter's Indian dances, took me around the Hindu temple and explained Hindu festivals to me (Raja is an elder at the Hindu temple next door).  Mathi helped me get my very own punjabi suit made.  Reuben and I went to see Raja fire-walking (more like hot coals, actually) one year.  

This picture is from 2009. Mathi is on the far right and I'm in between her two daughters. This is my punjabi suit.

Their car wash / restaurant business is booming now and they have amazing home-cooked Indian food. On Saturdays they cook biryani rice (yum), so we've found ourselves heading down the hill the past few weekends.

It doesn't look like much, but the carwash is on the left and the restaurant is straight ahead in the picture.  
Our car, about to be washed.  Notice the Buddha statue and the little Hindu shrine behind.  Just to the left is the neighbourhood Hindu temple.
The food.  Help yourself!
My lunch plate.  Indians here often eat their food on banana leaves, but here they use fake banana leaf plates.
Ellis and his friends

Come visit and we'll take you here!

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