Here's a little update on Ellis, at five and a half months:

Stop taking pictures of my double chin, mom!
-He almost always sleeps on his stomach now.  He turns over as soon as I put him down and I usually don't dare touch him.  He sleeps much more deeply that way.  I try to keep him on his back at night.

-When I reach to pick him up he lifts his arms up to me. Such a simple thing to learn but so precious!

-He's screeching like a little girl, especially in the elevator.

-He loves his pacifier, but he loves sucking on the opposite end of it more.  He pops it out of his mouth and turns it to gnaw on the base of it (we use Soothies).

-Lately, he's been taking a longer nap in the afternoon - sometimes an hour and a half to two hours.  It doesn't happen all the time, though, and I get disappointed when he doesn't.  So I trick myself into believing it's a nice surprise every time he does it.  I'm dreaming of the day he'll take three naps instead of four. 

-He's obsessed with kicking.  Put something near his feet and he'll get a crazy, determined look in his eyes and go to town kicking it with everything he's got.

-He's at the point where he can sit up (assisted) and arch his back and reach out when we hold him, but he cuddles just because he can.

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