We went on a quick trip last week to KL.  We were given two days notice of our appointment at the U.S. embassy to do Ellis's CRBA (Consular Report of Birth Abroad) and passport.  So away we went!  It was my very first time to a U.S. embassy and I think the only idea I had about them came from the movie Argo (note: it was very different than this).

Outside the embassy

There is a mountain of paper work to make a foreign-born child a U.S. citizen.  We were applying for his passport and social security card at the same time.  They wanted pictures both of the pregnancy and of the baby, hospital bills, hospital bracelets, and everything we could think of to prove he was our child.  Both of us also had to prove that we had been in the U.S. for at least a five year period (although I don't know why this matters, because an American citizen is an American citizen no matter where they live, right? ) so we brought college diplomas and transcripts.  One of the most time consuming things was having to list the "precise periods of time" I had ever been in the U.S.  That means the date of every time I left or entered the country.  

We found out the day we left for KL that the passport photos that we had taken might not work, so we went to a photo shop to have them retaken, just in case.  

Ellis's new official passport photo

 Once the documents were all submitted, the actual appointment at the embassy was easy.  We were the only ones in the waiting room for most of our time there, which was a little under two hours.  Us and the Marine Guard behind the one-way mirror.  Ellis took a nice nap.  It's the closest he'll have been to American soil for a while :)

In the end, the embassy staff complimented us for how thorough and prepared we were.   Just what I wanted to hear!  Everything went smoothly and his passport and documents should be ready to pick up in a couple of weeks. 

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