Have I mentioned that I miss craft stores?  I do, a lot.  There are many things that can be found here in Penang, but you have to run all over town to various stores to find one thing here, and another thing there.  Annoying enough that some things are impossible for me to get, especially with a baby.

 A new store just opened in KL a few months ago called Spotlight.  It's an Australian craft/home decorating/fabric/everything store, with an emphasis on the everything.  My dream come true!  It even comes out with a catalog like JoAnn Fabrics.  Armed with my new "VIP club card" (which basically does nothing, I now know), I visited it on our recent trip to KL.  I didn't keep my hopes too high, but it way exceeded my expectations! 

Look!  Real counters for cutting!  The cutter lady even asked me what project I was working on.  That made me miss the lovely ladies at my fabric store back home.

One difference between Spotlight and say, a JoAnns, is that this has home furnishings and kitchen things (think pillows, sheets, pots, pans).  Craft store meets Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  I only browsed the craft and sewing section, because I didn't have a lot of time.  I almost shed a tear when I saw a whole wall of bias tape!  They even had a Halloween and a Christmas section. 

I didn't come in with a list so I was slightly unprepared, and got pretty overwhelmed.  It's not like I can go back tomorrow to pick up what I wished I had bought, and I didn't want to buy any unnecessary I'm-so-excited-I'm-going-to-buy-this items.   I came home with a couple of meters of fabric, several packages of wide bias tape, a ball of yarn, interfacing, and some embroidery hoops for a friend. 

Don't worry...the baby was sleeping with Reuben

And guess what?  Ellis was exactly six months old on this day.  We planned to do something special at 2:59pm, the time he was born, but I was busy shopping and Reuben was walking around the mall while he slept.

Party at 2:59pm!

Afterward, we discovered a Dunkin' Donuts store.  We bought a dozen including - wait for it - cake donuts!  I had forgotten until that moment how much I love cake donuts.

The words "best day ever!" may have crossed my lips.  Reuben promised me we could come back on our next trip to KL when he saw how happy I was.  And I already have several things on my list (including a dozen chocolate cake donuts)!

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