A few evenings ago we went to Straits Quay, a nearby shopping mall/marina/condominium/housing/soon-to-be-hotel/everything 'place'.  It's built on reclaimed land.  It has a beautiful boardwalk along the water.  In the 'olden' days (aka before baby) we used to run here.  Now we drive, park, and use the stroller.  

There used to be an awesome playground and park here (below).  I was so excited to take Ellis there to play someday.  They tore it down a few months ago and are building houses in its place.  Houses make more money than playgrounds, I guess :/

We picked the wrong night to come here to walk because it started raining pretty hard.  Fortunately the stroller has a giant canopy and we have an old waterproof backpack cover we use to cover Ellis's feet.  But obviously it's so hot here it's not like he would get hypothermia if he got a little wet.

So we ended up in the mall.

Above is the "world's longest piece of batik fabric"

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