Ellis is officially a three-nap baby now.  He's able to stay awake for 2.5 to 3 hour stretches and usually takes at least one long (1.5 hour or so) nap in the afternoon (his shorter naps are about 45 minutes).  I'm usually ready for the next nap before he is.  He falls asleep really fast and if he does wake up when we put him down, he quickly falls back asleep by rolling onto his stomach. 

Ellis does a lot of rolling in his sleep.  I left a book on the other side of the bed this afternoon and by the time I went in to check on him,  I found he had gotten hold of it and pretty much destroyed it.  The biography of Ruth Bell Graham is in four pieces now, and covered in slobber.  In Ellis's defense, it was already falling apart anyway...he just expedited the process.  Sorry, Ruth!

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