I like to make things. Now that I have a sewing machine there are so many projects I want to do. My latest obsession is felt, and I've been scouring Pinterest for things to do. For, you know, all that time I have to kill.  I promised myself that Ellis wasn't going to be a kid with an overwhelming amount of toys (just the good ones), but I can't stop myself from making things. Here are a couple of things that I would love to make sometime in the near or distant future (pictures come from the links I added):
A felt/flannel Christmas tree with ornaments.  I'm a little bit sad that Ellis won't be old enough for it this Christmas, but next year he'll be the perfect age! There's also a cute build-a-snowman idea.  I don't even need to sew anything for this one.


Similarly, I love the idea of making a flannel board, of the old-school Sunday school variety.  There's so much potential to create simple shapes (or animals, people, cars, anything!) that kids can make into patterns or scenes.  I would have played with this forever when I was little.

I've been seeing a lot of quiet books lately, too. They seem like a lot of work, though.

Felt food.  I found out when I started looking for felt food ideas just how obsessed some people are about it!  I'll probably start with a few and they're mostly small projects anyway, perfect for a nap-time or early evening.
By American Felt and Craft

And how cute is this apple pie! So much potential. 

Babies love destroying paper.  I don't even need to have a baby to know that.  These Cute Envelopes are perfect. 

Love this garden box here.

 These Strawberries are actually "harvestable" thanks to some well-placed green Velcro.  How fun! 

I'm a little bit conflicted about the use of felt because I would rather Ellis play with real things.  I would rather him plant a real carrot rather than a fake one.  And taste a real apple pie.  But I'm probably not going to want to give him a bag of produce every day to play with, so felt it is! 

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