It's amazing how keen a baby's senses are.  There are so many little things we big people take for granted like what hot, cold, smooth, bumpy, soft, and hard is.  Ellis is learning all of these things for the first time.  Here's a couple of ideas (not necessarily original to me) that I've tried to activate those his "sense of senses":

I filled a small pan with a little bit of water and froze it.  Ellis was obsessed.  He loved eating the edge of the cold pan and fingering the ice as it started to crack and melt.  He nearly froze his face doing this but he loved every minute of it.  Lately I've been giving him an ice pack instead.  It's the perfect He's-grumpy-and-I-don't-know-how-to-occupy-my-baby activity.

 Before he was born I made this sensory board for Ellis.  It just goes to show how little I knew about babies because I've had to take (or Ellis has already pried it off) about half of the things off the board, such as the foil which he could eat and a piece of rope I did't want him chewing on. 

Fake leaves.  I want that.
No, really, I want that. 

The third thing I did was cut up an assortment of fabric scraps.  They're not all perfect squares, but mostly are remnants from old projects and what-not.   Ellis is less interested in the fabric right now and more into the container I put it in.  If I was a baby right now, I would dig this. 


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