We celebrated Thanksgiving with some good friends and a potluck at our pool.  Potluck thanksgivings are amazing, because you get to eat all the good food, but you don't have to make all of it!  We even divided up the leftovers at the end so we're still enjoying it.  

I tried a new recipe for garlic pull-apart bread that was fantastic.  It was absolutely gratifying to be kneading bread dough again.  

It took a 10-year-old at the party for me to realize that I made the bread shaped like a "10". 

I also made an apple and a pumpkin pie.  I got lots of compliments on my pumpkin pie, which I made all from scratch, right down to the pumpkin (squash) I bought at the market this week.  I used the recipe here for the pie.  I think the real pumpkin and the real cream made the difference.   

I guess I could have called it a "potluck-friendsgiving-pool-party."  I've never gotten to say that before!

Ellis got passed around like a football, as usual.

Since Malaysians don't eat turkey (which makes the imported birds really expensive), people normally make chicken instead.  We didn't miss it at all!  The food was so yummy.

We also played a few rounds of "Would you rather".  

Would you rather wash your hair in mashed potatoes or take a bath in gravy? 

Ellis's first thankgiving

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