Christmas is extra special this year.  Now that we're a family of three, I feel the need to "do" Christmas well.  I need to have traditions to practice and hand down to Ellis.  Most importantly, we need to celebrate the season right and in a meaningful, thoughtful way.  Reuben and I have been talking about how we're going to deal with Santa.  We haven't reached a consensus.

With all the pressure that the holiday brings, I've decided that it's quite simple, really.  It all boils down to this:


What is Christmas?  Christmas is Jesus' birthday. 

What do we do on people's birthdays?  We give them presents.

Why do we give presents to each other on Christmas?  To represent the gift that God gave us in Jesus.


We give presents to Jesus on Christmas.

We can give gifts to each other, but Jesus gets the biggest and the best ones.


We don't have any super-special Christmas traditions as a couple.  In fact, having celebrated Christmas 5-6 times in Malaysia (I've lost count), the most special thing we do is go to a Christmas Eve candlelight service at a church in KL.  As much as I love that service,  we won't be going this year because it's so late in the evening.  We'll go to a Christmas day service instead. 

So to celebrate this Christmas, here's what we're going to do: We're going to celebrate Jesus birthday.  We've pledged to give away as much money as we spend on gifts this season.  We'll do small gifts for each other.  Ellis already has a stack of presents under the tree which he's super interested in chewing on, so we'll help him open those before we leave for KL (leaving on the 23rd).   We plan on doing something fun with Ellis that we've never done there before, like go to the zoo or the aquarium.  Reuben and I have been doing an Advent devotional with our church.  I've just started learning more about the twelve days of Christmas (starting on Christmas day and ending on Epiphany). I might look into that for this year (4 more days until day one...I can't believe it's Dec 21st already!)

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