Every season is cookie baking season around my place, but the holidays are extra special.   Here are the cookies that I baked this year: 

1) Chocolate crinkle cookies by Williams Sonoma.  It's such an easy recipe and so good.  I often add peppermint, but didn't for this batch. 

2)  The second recipe was new to me this year.  I wanted to round out the flavors in my cookie repertoire this season so I found this cinnamon cookie recipe.  As a baked cookie, these were ok.  A nice snickerdoodle, perhaps.  But let me tell you: This was one of the best cookie doughs I've ever tasted!  And that's saying a lot coming from me, because I'm practically a professional cookie-dough-eater. 

3) And rounding out the bunch,  my official new favorite holiday cookie.  The secret is cornstarch, which make them melt in your mouth delicious.  Hence the name peppermint meltaways.  I gave most of these away and I was so sad....fortunately I had baklava to make me feel better.  Baklava makes everyone feel better, doesn't it? 

I've also made several batches of gingerbread muffins in the past few weeks, to bring to events and for hosting people at our place.  Also outstanding.  I'm working on another round of cookies (and a pie...but Reuben's in charge of that) this afternoon to bring to KL with us tomorrow.  After that...what am I going to do with myself? 

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