Please excuse all the Christmas-themed posts.  'Tis the season!  I went to the grocery store yesterday and they had just gotten in live Christmas trees!   Ellis and I lingered there for a few minutes to soak that woodsy fir tree smell.  It was glorious. 

Ellis fingering the fir

Not only were they on display at the store entrance, but they had also set them up around the store.  Festive touch! 

The tags on the trees say they came from the U.S.  I have no idea how much a pre-cut Christmas tree is there so I have nothing to compare this to. The trees varied from 329 to 379 rm, which is roughly $100-120. They looked really fresh and healthy.  I wonder what their journey here looked like! 

I guess I had taken for granted growing up in WA and being surrounded by forests of pines and firs.  It was funny that when Reuben's mom came to the U.S. for our wedding, she called all the evergreen trees "Christmas trees."  

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