Ellis has been growing in leaps and bounds the last few weeks.  He's up to a lot of new things, including:

1) Crawling.  I've shared a couple of videos of that already.  He's still dragging his belly on the ground. 
 2) Pulling himself onto his knees, and pulling himself up to standing (on the coffee table)
3) First words: "mama" (the first obviously directed at me, anyway...it was precious) and "dada" (to Reuben as he walked into the room this morning!) 
4) Kisses.  Lots of wet, slobbery ones.  Adorbs.

With mobility and risk-taking come the tumbles as well.   He pulled a potted plant over this afternoon, fortunately not onto himself.   The plants have now moved to their proper place outside.  We're still in the process of baby-proofing our place, learning as we go!

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