Tonight we went to a Christmas party.  I scored a box of peppermint-chocolate covered pretzels in the gift exchange.  The funny thing was the it was the gift that I brought.  I really wanted it and wouldn't normally have bought it for myself!  

We came home and put on the fireplace (a.k.a the "Happy Holiday Hearth" DVD a.k.a best gift ever that I received during one of my first holidays spent in Malaysia).  And Christmas music.  I made up a quick hot chocolate mix (I used this one).  I burned "holly wreath" in the oil warmer. And we worked on Christmas cards.  The first batch is going out tomorrow...watch for it!

Reuben said he was drunk on holiday spirit. 

It's December fifth.  I could do at least another twenty evenings like this (minus the work on the Christmas cards). 

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