The Balcony

I had a moment shortly after I found out I was pregnant, after the ''Yay!" came the "Ugh...the balcony". 

Sometimes I don't know what Malaysians are thinking. The construction of these balconies is one of those times.  Not only are these rails perfect for climbing, but there 7-inch gaps which are perfect for little people to squeeze through.  Most condominiums have this problem, so obviously Malaysia isn't up to speed on child safety/building codes.  




We have a circular balcony, which made the job more challenging.  We also have sliding glass doors out to the balcony, which can't be baby-gated.   We usually keep the doors open to let the breeze through, but for now we have to keep it shut.  With the netting it's better, but you bet-your-buttons we'll be extra vigilant with our super-active-now-mobile infant.  His only real interest in the balcony right now though is the rug we keep out there. 

P.S. I needed a new blog design.  It's a work in progress.  Hope you like it! 

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