Wherever we are in the world, I am determined that Ellis know what winter is.  While I was back in the U.S., before Ellis was born, I stocked up on a handful of winter-themed books.    Here are a couple of my favorite books with winter/snow themes:

The first is a Little Scholastic board book called Welcome Winter.  Ellis loves it.  It's the first book he figured out the "touchy-feely" parts to. 


The second book is called "White Snow, Bright Snow".  I got it for 75 cents at a library book sale (I miss those!). It was written in 1947 so it's pretty old school, but the pictures are charming.

The third book is probably my favorite children's book at the moment, "The Snowy Day."  I could stare at the collage-style pictures all day.  I wish we had the board book version so Ellis could handle it more.  

It's a bummer that Ellis doesn't have the chance to experience snow anytime soon, but I am thankful for having a baby in a warm climate.  It makes life so much easier.  I can't imagine having to deal with keeping a small person warm while going in an out of cars, taking baths, and going about our days where we like spend a lot of time outside.   And so many different seasons of clothing!  The most I ever do with Ellis is put socks and once in awhile pants on him when we walk in the morning. 

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