Chinese new year

It's that time of year again, Chinese New Year.  Time for a city-wide shut-down, gridlock traffic, ear-deafening dances with lions (kind of), and all-night fireworks.  Can you sense my sentimentality of the holiday?  I thought the 1 a.m. fireworks were annoying before, but throw a sleeping infant in the mix and it gets much, much worse. 

 Fun fact:  Penang is around 65% Chinese (born in Malaysia, ethnically from China).  They speak a local dialect of Cantonese called Hokkien.  My neighborhood is probably 90% Chinese people.  Chinese New Year is a big deal.

We got special holiday munchies, like the following, from half a dozen of our neighbors this year. Potato chips seem to be a recurring theme in all of them. 

An unexpected bonus of the holiday for Ellis is that people are giving Ellis money.  One new year tradition is to give red envelopes of money, called ang-pows, to children.  Ellis has come upon some 
serious cash in the last few days. 

This is our land-lady giving an ang-pow to Ellis.

Don't spend it all in one place, Ellis!

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