Friday Five

1) Hallmark - I'm almost embarrassed to admit it, but we are addicted to Hallmark movies.  Right around Christmas, Reuben and I started watching the channel's Christmas movies on youtube. Yes, they are cheesy and I can guess how the movie is going to end in the first five minutes.  Although it's not a movie, my favorite is a show called "Signed, Sealed and Delivered".  It's Sherlock meets the post office.  It makes me love my mailman, and makes me want to go out and buy a fancy letter opener.  Check it out!  This link currently works to watch the pilot episode. 

2) Here is a glimpse of our walk this morning.  It was monkey day! 

3) Remember Ann Geddes?  Ellis loves her babies!  There's nothing better than baby bees, baby pansies, and baby cacti!

4) Baby food - Ellis had a solid food strike for a couple of weeks and in the midst of it, I just forgot about feeding him.  He was eating so little, or nothing at all, that I just stopped trying.  Then I realized recently he probably should be eating something, so it was time to up the effort.  I found the secret to getting him to eat: Giving him a finger food and spoon-feeding him a puree at the same time.  Finger foods that he likes are mashed carrot and tofu and grated cheese.  He really wants whatever I'm eating from my spoon, so I trick him by putting his food on my plate, giving him a mixture of baby food and my food.  Now I have to eat my meals with tiny spoons! Now he's finally enjoying the gourmet baby food I made him, like banana with sunflower butter, and brown rice and chicken with flax meal.  Mommy win.

5) I wash my hair every day and I hate it.  I envy the people who can go several days without washing it, so I'm going to try using this method.  I'm on day three without washing my hair and it is so gross.  It's going to take my scalp a couple of weeks to figure out what's going on.   Luckily I'm not going anywhere important!  I'm even using a dry shampoo made from cornstarch and cocoa powder.  I have chocolate on my head!

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