Into the waves

We took Ellis to the beach to play this week.  The tide was really high (note to self: check the tide table before planning a trip to the beach!) and surf was quite loud.  Before we even set foot on the sand he started freaking out.  He whimpered for a couple of minutes, but after sitting down with him and starting to play in the sand, he warmed up to the idea. 


He was never quite so sure about the sand before, but he took to it really fast this time.  Before we knew it, he was heading straight for the waves that scared him so much just minutes before.  That's our brave boy!

Dad showing him how it's done.


Just look at those adorable crawl-tracks!

There was also very little sand ingested.  I call that a successful trip to the beach.  And to close, a video that makes my mommy heart melt.

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  1. (comment test) Ellis Fearless. Only minutes ago terrified by the surf now racing (crawling) toward the waves.


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