Fast friends

Reuben has been gone for a week and a half.  I've been going stir-crazy at home and I've tried really hard to plan enough things to keep Ellis and I busy while he's away.  We've had play-dates, lunches with friends, and gone to lots and lots of parks.  My plans fell through yesterday so it was just the two of us.  We walked to the park in the morning and ended up playing fetch with a big white dog.  Ellis loved it! We went to the grocery store, and a woman in line behind me graciously entertained Ellis with a rousing game of peek-a-boo while I checked out.  We got to talking and it turns out she lives in Bellingham, WA.  (Oddly enough, I can't even count the number of people from WA I know here).

After shopping, we went to the park (a different one) in the early evening.  Ellis made a new friend who, we were soon to learn, is eight years old, is really good at hide-and-seek, plays frisbee, has an aunt in the U.S., is going to London soon "if his plane doesn't crash", has been to Taiwan once, can crawl up the hill faster than Ellis, his parents own a restaurant, loves dogs, and has a friend who lives "just over there".  Fast friends!

Today, Saturday, we also didn't have any plans.  So Ellis played with the neighbour girls, who are five and eight years old.


They came inside and had a grand time poking around our apartment.  I showed them Ellis's book of our family.  It's nice to get to know our neighbours better.  The girls told us that the person living in this apartment before us used to give them cookies.  I'd better start baking!

My unplanned days weren't so lonely after all!  

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