First Race

Ellis took part in his first race on Sunday!  It was the 8k Fat Choy Charity Run (for Chinese New Year) at Straits Quay.  I've been looking for some time for a run that I could take the jogging stroller on, and this was mostly good except for a couple of steps to go down in one place.  I learned that it's not easy to run in a crowd with a stroller! 

If you can't figure it out, the 0417 is for his birthday, April 17. 

Racing seems different now....

He's already a natural and knows exactly what he's doing: 

 And some action shots taken by a friend:

Reuben sat this one out.  He was a spectator for once.

Ellis savoring his first medal

Ellis finished #1 in his age category....first out of a total of one baby! 

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